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Originally Posted by MMMorish View Post
No chauffer for my dad. He likes to drive and is a health 67 year old. He's coming from a long line of S and CL class Benz's. None of which he ever really pushed hard. He likes plushy drives. Actually, he wants the Phantom but it's too big! It will just make it into his garage by a hair. My mom wants him to get the Phantom because it's "the best" as she puts it. But she's not very practical and she isn't footing the bill either lol. His current CL class is also going to be his DD, so the new car is more of a weekend toy.

As for Maybach's, he see's them as what they, oversized S Class Benz's. He's passed that. He wants to move upscale now.

Personally, I like the Ghost exterior and Muslanne interior.

the flying spur in my opinion does not truly compare to the Ghost.
I find the B younger and sportier. The Ghost and even mulsanne more plush and old-world mobster.

I looked at the Mulsanne, pretty stunning interior - but dont find the seats crazy plush, a little firm.

The new Maybach body and interior is quite impressive, though I agree largely, not wholely - you need to sit in one to feel the difference between it an S-class - it is quite noticeable. Though not worth 400k.

so i guess its ghost v mulsanne?

Ghost is more of a "bosscar", mulsanne a little classier in my opinion. If he wants to move up considerably, dont think a spur will be considered too special in dt To - if he gives a shit about that.
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