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Originally Posted by JayKay335i View Post
Reds from australia and spain have done me well in the past. Do you know any blonde sluts?
Gotcha buddy. I'll keep an eye out for some reds (and blondes). No blondies at this time though.

Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
Yea, I would definitely suggest finding a good wine shop. Especially one that does regular wine tastings. My neighbor does 3 tastings a week, tue-wed-fri(wed and fri are repeat days of the same). I typically work his store and help out nearly every friday.

I do want to take the test, at least to level 2. I'm confidant I could pass level 1 with little studying and no classes. The thing I don't look forward to is the cigar portions. At least the spirits and beer part I enjoy but I could care less about cigars. Service is no big deal, I worked several years in fine dining during college and my Mom was a professional server. Also the tests are just no where near me. Closest place is this fall in Indianapolis.
I'm sure you'll do OK on level 1 as long as you do a little homework beforehand. But the level 1 class itself is sufficient in prepping you for the test if you have some background knowledge. For level 2, my friend recommended to watch youtube videos for service; I haven't looked it up but there are a couple of demos. He said cigars and spirits are included but are a more minor portion; whatever that means. But he indicated it can vary depending on who is administering the test. Personally I'm a little excited to learn about cigars. That's another vice I've wanted to learn how to properly indulge in.