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Originally Posted by MadDog View Post
Expensive? Costco sells a four-pack of 60W CFLs for $.99 and 100W CFLs for $1.99.

Disposal? Easy. Home Depot recycles them for you for free, and the city also takes them.

No reason to not use CFLs.
That is because you live in San Francisco. They have 1 company which handles commercial, residential, salvage, recycling, etc. Most other places in the country don't have that luxury of a monopoly to service their city.

To give you a little idea of how much it costs to dispose of CFLs normally...

It is not cheap either to dispose of them from the recycling standpoint either. It requires a $500,000 - $750,000 machine, hundreds of thousands of dollars in EPA and DEP permits. You need an obscene amount of space and ventilation units. The amount of energy required simply to dispose of the bulbs is mind boggling. Compared to the cost of disposing of a little bit of metal filament and glass. But whatever keeps the tree huggers happy..

Personally, I care more about illegal dumping and such. Energy conservation is a bit short sighted. They never take into account the cost and energy expense of dealing with their new energy saving or cleaning burning contraptions.
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