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Originally Posted by niqui View Post
haha nick
went to see all the same cars for my grandpa...
Mulsanne not worth it in my opinion
there are also 2 new maybach 57s available in canada this month.
Ghost is very ostentatious even compared to a bentley, depends what he likes
drove the flying spur speed, liked it - that was our favorite for the fam, though it was the least comfy. dont know how old and mobile ur dad is, if he is being chaufferred, etc?
No chauffer for my dad. He likes to drive and is a health 67 year old. He's coming from a long line of S and CL class Benz's. None of which he ever really pushed hard. He likes plushy drives. Actually, he wants the Phantom but it's too big! It will just make it into his garage by a hair. My mom wants him to get the Phantom because it's "the best" as she puts it. But she's not very practical and she isn't footing the bill either lol. His current CL class is also going to be his DD, so the new car is more of a weekend toy.

As for Maybach's, he see's them as what they, oversized S Class Benz's. He's passed that. He wants to move upscale now.

Personally, I like the Ghost exterior and Muslanne interior.
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