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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
CFL's are a scam to make me money... I tell all of my friends and the eco-enthusiasts how stupid they are for buying into this garbage. They are so costly to dispose of.. Before e-waste recycling laws were enforced they ended up in landfills. These bulbs have dangerous amounts of mercury. Your old bulb had none. Now we have created a brand new source of mercury into our waste streams that never existed before.

But hey, the polar bears are stranded on flowing ice chunks right? right?

They're expensive, but it fills some void/need for some of these insipid people to feel like they're doing some "good." The average consumer has about a 6 month memory when it comes to purchased products, so buying new expensive bulbs every 3 years is acceptable becuase they come with new and improved eco-friendly packaging.
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My dog swallowed my FOB. Luckily it was Comfort Access so I could still drive the car. Of course I had to take him with me everywhere and every time he rolled over the windows went down.