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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
I have bought many CFLs. They burn out too, but it takes longer. I haven't paid attention to any difference in cost for electricity. I don't use the CFLs where their ugly shape is unacceptable. Also my wife objects to the color of the light and complains about something difficult to describe. I guess it is an uncomfortable glare.

Also, my wife complains about the new toilets (I replaced them a couple years ago with low-flow models). She thinks they plug up easier than the old ones (they probably do). And making more flushes reduces the saving per flush. And she doesn't like the flow restrictor in the shower head. I shower without the water turned on to max flow (about 1/2). She can't shower without max water flow.

You would think I were the wacko environmentalist. But it is her and our kid who talk as if they are environmentalists. Yet, they both treat the lights and water about the same way... as if there were an inexhaustable supply.
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