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Originally Posted by M3Bahn View Post
Try this.

If it still does not work clear your cookies.
Thanks. That worked.

I am not a trusting person. I don't think I would have put large money down on a property because of the Trump name without verifying that I was getting what I was paying for. I have never liked Trump, so I doubt I would ever pay much of a premium for the Trump name.

But if Trump sold his name, there would seem to be an implication of a real tie. Haven't these kind of things been fought in court before with some of them having the plaintiff prevailing?

Most of these big name and high profile actors give me the impression they will step on / step over those who aren't their buddies. They are not about doing right. They are about enlarging their kingdom and establishing their place in the pecking order. If you are not part of the elite, you are nobody.