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I'm done, DONE with CFL's. I can't fucking stand them:
1.) they are slow to warm up to full brightness. Yes, the newest ones are better, but still not "instant on" like incand.
2.) they barely seem able to last even half of the claimed lifetime, not even 25%. Supposed to last 7 years?? Then why have I replaced most in my house (5.5 years old) 3 times or more?
3.) How am I saving money with supposed "longer life" CFLs when they cost 5 to 7 times more, but only last maybe twice as long?
4.) Most of my bulbs are now back to incand. My electricity bill seems to be the same. Where were the savings?
5.) I've had a few CFLs burn out with scorch marks on the base. I'm certain they weren't that far from starting a fire (holy shit!!)
6.) You can't just throw out a CFL (mercury), and with the rate I was having to replace them, Hazmat runs were getting out of hand.
7.) Dimmer switches plus CFLs = No Go.

So about 6 months ago, I stopped replacing the CFLs with new CFLs, and went back to the "enviro-killer" bulbs. I guess I'll have to start stocking up on them.

LEDs may be an option at some point, but I'm still gunshy after my CFL experience to drop the coin on them....
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