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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
then you've passed the level 1 test? level 2 really isnt much about wine. it more goes into wine service/restaurant service aspect and pairings and such. level 3 goes into liquors/cigars that pair well with wine. level 4 is the highest and is a Master Sommelier. you can only be invited by another level 4 master sommelier to become a level 4. no other level gets the master designation.

this is a pretty big hobby of mine as well. considering my neighbor owns a store and I taste a crazy amount of wine.
asides from taking a class, i've pretty much been solo on this endeavor. need to figure out a different venue to taste wines after that class ends. i should make more an effort to know my local wine shops. anyways, yes i've passed level 1; it's actually pretty easy if you've taken a intro wine class. i'll need to brush up on service for level 2 soon. i hear they cover some cigars and spirits in level 2 too.

sounds like you're planning to take the ms?

Originally Posted by JayKay335i View Post
Save some for when I'm there in a couple weeks.
i always have at least 5-10 bottles of wine at my house so no prob

what kind of varietals do you prefer?