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Exclamation Samsung phone bluetooth compatibility with iDrive

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I have a 2010 M3 and just got the new Samsung Droid Charge LTE phone. Unfortunately it's not compaitable with the iDrive on my car.

Initially the phone pairs, then after about 30seconds it tries loading the contact list, at that point it drops out and doesn't connect.

If I manually reconnect via the iDrive by selecting the phone and pushing the idrive knob in, the phone will successfully connect and all the contacts etc will appear.

THis is driving me nuts, I've tried contacting Samusng and I just get the runaround with offshored techsupport saying its BMW's fault. I tried contacting BMW NA customer service with no real help.

Anyone have any idea how this can be fixed? I really want to get this resolved. I did some research and it seems BMW doesn't really work well with Samsung devices. I found out that BMW Technology Group located in Palo Alto works on the iDrive but was unsuccessful in finding a contact number. Does anyone know a contact at BMW that I can explain this situation maybe we can get a fix down the road?