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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Fixed. Nobody in the US gov't is following you everywhere you go, but your smart phone is.
You're right. Apple & Google (Android) smartphones are following you everywhere.

The national ID card, I believe, will evolve into a RFID chip and inserted under your skin. The RFID chip will also include financial data (like credit card/debit card). That means you can go anywhere without having to carry any idenfitication cards, credit/debit cards, driver's license, etc with you. Let's say you buy a six pack of beer at the beach grocery store (you're wearing only a swim trunks and sandals), you simply "swipe" your hand over the reader at the cashier.

That is what our government is trying to do this. Greece is turning into a cashless society - only 1500 Euros or more. If you purchased anything that is more than 1500 Euro with cash, you will be arrested. Nigeria is a cashless society, too. Scary.
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