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sorry for being blunt and some of you may not care for my contribution but,

i think that the A6 is just butt-ugly. it is the epitomy of a bland audi which will always be overdue for a redesign. i think audi, in the efforts of cost cutting, puts a great delay in the redisigning of its models. for christ sake they used that 1.8T engine in the A4 for something like 10 years.

i dont doubt that it drives great and all, but i think that there is just way too little of a direct link between the driver and the car.

id really like to see Audi make a decent normally aspirated engine. i remember when their two models of A4, the 1.8T and 2.8 would go to 60 in the same time, talk about creating value in the upper-level engine model, its just plain stupid.

Audi's are nice cars, but simply not for me. And i think anyone who would take an A6 over an E-Class is out of their minds
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