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Originally Posted by JayKay335i View Post
Cigarettes make you feel good. Booze makes you feel good. Booze makes you want cigarettes. Cigarettes dont make you want booze. Quit the smokes, keep the booze, get pissed off with out the smokes. Keep the smokes, quit the drink, get pissed off that you cant have a drink. Quit both, and fuck.
This is the exact cycle I'm stuck in. Every year, every damn year, I quit for New Years, make it a few months, then go back. Something big happens in my life, all my friends smoke and I steal one from them.... it's over.

I even quit drinking and smoking for the month of January this year, which was absolute fucking hell and I'm back to smoking a few a day.

Listen to all the smokers here, stay away, stay very far away.