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I have some good experience with both 2011 CTS-v Coupe and Wagon. A few weeks ago, GM had a "Supplier Event" at my work, where they brought 40+ vehicles for us to drive, unsupervised. As a result, I was able to take both Coupe and Wagon out for ~20 minutes each.

I took the Coupe first. Sitting in it, it feels rather comfortable, although the bulky "high" rear always feels like it is crouching over you. And rear visibility is limited. The interior is odd. The seats had yellow center accents, and the dash was (cheap) leather, with yellow contrast stitching. The pop-up Nav had a 3D feature that was rather nice. Also on the dash was some cheap-looking wood trim, along with lots of chrome. This made for a very discordant theme with the "sporty" leather accents and seats.

From a driving perspective, it pulled very hard, with a lot of torque. First gear did not seem tall enough. I did not know how to modify the traction control, but it was very aggressive. It was almost impossible to spin the tires, even making a hard right turn. I typically left it in automatic mode. The shifters are big "buttons" on the backside of the steering wheel that are hard to reach. I guess I have short fingers? As mentioned in some online reviews, the transmission is the weak point. The motor sounded good, and brakes worked fine. I would say the suspension is the highlight, as it felt stable, but not too heavy, nor harsh on bumpy roads.

I drove the wagon next. The GM guys insisted the wagon and the coupe were practically the same. That may be true from a motor standpoint, but the driving experience was very different. The seating position the wagon was much higher than the coupe, making it feel more like a traditional car. Also the sheer length of the car was obvious, and distracting. Felt like a long tail hanging out there. I did have two passengers with me when I took the wagon, but the extra weight of the wagon vs. coupe made it feel like it had 100hp less!

Overall, I thought the Wagon was a dud. Not agile, too long, sat up too high to feel sporty. The Coupe was definitely fun to drive, and would make a fine daily driver IF you can get over two things: the crazy interior styling, and the weak automatic transmission. I just never felt like I could maximize the motor with the auto.

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