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Originally Posted by dogears View Post
You know what I meant. Stealth installed, full time on. Not a removeable unit. Too much crime. I need a unit that is always on and not visable at all from the outside.

I am not arguing whether K40 has better detection than Valentine or Escort. I merely am saying it is the only remote mounted fully built in stealth installation that has both front and rear detection. IMO, and I am in my mid40's using radar for almost 30 years, in the state of New Jersey, you need rear radar. My K40 will be better (because it detects rear radar) than any other unit unless the other unit has a dedicated rear antenna such as the V1. But, the V1 is not a built in unit. It is easily smashed and grabbed.
Ok, I see what you mean. To me "built in" means that it comes with the car from the factory. The K40 still has to be fully installed but once installed it will be as if the car came that way, assuming the installer does a good job. The V1, OTOH, sits on the windshield.

The Escort 9500ci and Passport Qi 45, as well as the Beltronics STi-R+ and R45 are also "built in" units. However, I would only consider the 9500ci and STi-R+. Even though they have no rear facing antenna, they are still sensitive to radar from the rear so don't be so eager to dismiss them as having inferior performance from the rear without testing them. These two hold up well in tests, even from the rear.

Good luck. Unfortunately, you live in state that still uses X-band radar. Most, if not all detectors allow you to turn this band off to cut down false alerts. But since NJ still uses X-band you shouldn't do this.


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