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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
silly question, kind of emberrased.

how the eff do i get rid of the chromatic abbaration !?!?

it may me being hardheaded trying to shoot wide open on less than 200 ISO on a bright sunny day.

you think that's the problem !?!?
No need to be embarrassed. This is how you learn.

Yeah, no need for wide open aperture on a shot like this. Why would you even consider it, since doesn't seem to be a bokeh shot? I only ask because it seemed like you have a bias towards wide open aperture for some reason.

The yellow car is OOF and everything behind it. I'd have been tempted to use f/11 or f/16, wait for the chrome-dome to get out of the way and crop tighter to keep most of the factory in the BG out of the shot. Let the DOF from the small aperture work for you on focus. If you wanted bokeh, then get in tighter on the subject car that you wanted in focus and shoot wide open, throwing the BG cars way OOF. Using a longer lens helps with bokeh also.

Generally, f/8 to f/11 is the sweet spot for most lenses, giving sharp IQ, good DOF and reasonable shutter speeds.

Can you repost the second one without any saturation adjustment or any other adjustment? Either you've got serious Chromatic Aberration or you went crazy with the saturation slider or both. Look at the telephone pole! That's more than your average purple fringing. A 100% crop of that pole with no adjustment might help the diagnosis. Looks like CA to me, but you may have pushed too far with Saturation or color adjustment.

Lightroom and DxO Optics Pro will correct for most CA, among other things, with most pro level lenses and many popular lenses. I recommend shooting everything in RAW and using one of those conversion programs for the best end result.

What lens and camera?