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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
The problem is the journalism, the article writing - it's misleading and lacks facts. All of these magazines are trying to sell a story, "autoblog picks 1M over M3", "335is competes with M3" - I promise you that these articles are written to get attention. To draw people to read, I'm sure the 1M is a great package, I'm sure it represents the M division well. All of these articles promote debates about who is faster, which is the better package. The journalists want to stir it up, they want people to say Holy **** the 1M is better than the M3. I wouldn't be surprised if some magazines fudge track #s for sales purposes.

If you wanted a dual duty track and commuter car, I'd say that the M3 has a bigger trunk, more space, offers a 4-door option, EDC and DCT. But if you wanted to save 15-20k, the 1M makes a great runner-up.
that was my reaction as well when I read the headline - it's a PR stunt. the 1M is close in terms of performance, but it falls just short. and the M3 beats up on it in all the comfort and practicality dimensions. sure, the 1M might have an edge in the subjective and ambiguous "fun factor" that everyone talks about, but I highly doubt that the Autoblog journalists honestly thought that was enough to carry the day for the 1M. Autoblog is just trying to stir the pot to sell magazines, plain and simple.

I'm not dogging on the 1M - it looks like it's a real hoot to drive. I just don't like the proportions of the 1 series, and I would never own one. and all the self-righteous people in this thread saying you should never NOT buy a car because you don't like its looks are full of it. you're telling me that you would buy a Pontiac Aztec if GM could make it drive better than an M3? give me a break. there are so many different things about cars to appreciate, and people value some aspects more or less importantly than others. hence why there's such a diverse array to choose from - people are different. so no disrespect to anyone who would choose the 1M - I'm not trying to convince you otherwise here - but I'll take the screaming 8,400 RPM V8 that eats C63s for breakfast at the track and is nothing but a pleasure on the drive home.