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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
jay don't worry too much, you got it . my vision sucks from being around computer and tv all the time so ill be sure to stop by to get me lasik by that time, hopefully at discount .

for me i start my summer intern at bmw na in a week. hoping it goes well and opens future doors for me with bmw.

when we both finish with our schools and are stable lets go out and pop open a complimentary bottle of balvenie, of course since your the md you got it right .
Well, technically your vision sucks because you're Asian. Asians tend to have shallower orbits and smaller eyes, leading to high myopia and increased risk for narrow angle glaucoma. But thats besides the point.

The intern ship should be awesome. You'll enjoy it. My ex did one at the Merc corporate down the road and loved it.

As for graduation, you can buy the bottle. I'll only be an OD. You'll be the one with the GTR.