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Originally Posted by pman10 View Post
Isn't optometry school 4 years? Why didn't you do med school and then optho? I would think that they have a wider breadth of conditions that they get to treat and procedures that they are permitted to do. And given that it's a partly cosmetic field, opening and running your own practice is not at all uncommon.
Yeah, its a 4yr doctorate program with an optional year long residency. Most states you can prescribe and a couple states are now allowing laser, with more to follow. Ophthalmologists do what we do plus surgery. The fields are similar yet vastly different. I never wanted to do surgery. I also didn't want to go to medical school and then do another few years in residency for optho and then another to specialize even further. Right now the scope of optometry is pretty awesome. From the little things and instant gratification of prescribing glasses to finding, diagnosing, and treating pathology. Its also a pretty small field and I've met so many great people and doctors within the profession. Not to mention the cosmetic aspects of the business. The money is also pretty limitless and I'll be a lot less distraught after all this health care legislature than the guys doing surgeries and getting paid 1/3 as much from medicare if I run the business correctly.

I'm about to start my third year and it really just encompasses so much more than I ever thought or knew it could/would. Everyday has been something cool and different and it'll be life long learning experience.

Also, I'll be able to walk out and practice at 26. Cant beat that