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Originally Posted by bullitt5897 View Post
Oxygen is the key component to air and thus was my point this comes down to symantics lol.

No, actually the key component to air is Nitrogen. It accounts for up to 75% of what air is.

The body only needs about 21% oxygen saturation from air content, which works out well because that's what we breathe in.

The burden is not for us to prove that something doesn't exist, rather for you to prove that god does exist.

Many people use this "explanation of existence" as their crutch meaning "if you can't prove that god doesn't exist, that means god MUST exist". This is wrong and it follows both directions.

Not only can I not prove that god does or does not exist, I would never be able to convince you of the opposite of your belief - which is the bottom line.

You cannot prove existence, I cannot prove non-existence - but that doesn't mean that either of us are correct.

Your question of "prove to me that god does not exist" leads everyone to believe that YOU THINK YOUR BELIEF IS GRANDIOSE TO THOSE THAT DON'T BELIEVE - which is absurd and wrong.

Believe what you want to get you through your days, and I will do the same - but don't have us try to prove to you something that cannot be proven.

Well actually if you want to talk semantics - the bible, the book of god - in one phrase (I will get you the source) defines Pi - the number important in calculation of measurements in circular objects - as 3. Why 3? Because back in the day, when people's IQs equaled the amount of fingers and toes on their bodies, they could not calculate Pi out to the billions of digits we have today.

Why does the book of god, the book of an all knowing power define pi at least to the 5th digit? 3.14159 Because the bible was a book written by a bunch of old people that didn't have much to do to explain things that they couldn't explain due to a finite amount of brain power. After all, they thought someone could get pregnant without having semen implanted into someone's love canal... I've only heard one case of this - a hispanic woman that after swallowing semen from oral sex was stabbed in the stomach multiple times, inseminating her thereafter, without vaginal sexual intercourse. Again, believe what you want, believe what gets you through the day, I'm not saying to believe differently - but I'm sticking to science, and don't push, or try to push your beliefs on others.

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