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Originally Posted by JayKay335i View Post
Yeah. We have DOs at my school. I am talking about completely different fields within medicine though. I chose optometry. I like the idea of it being medical as well as being a business. Also, the idea of being able to actually work 40hr work weeks and not spend the next 20yrs in school working towards something is pretty great. I love the field. Very rewarding and challenging.

Also, podiatry. Its pretty awesome. I've got a few friends in the program. Very interesting field.
Isn't optometry school 4 years? Why didn't you do med school and then optho? I would think that they have a wider breadth of conditions that they get to treat and procedures that they are permitted to do. And given that it's a partly cosmetic field, opening and running your own practice is not at all uncommon. The only downside (as I see it) is the 4 years of residency you're committed to.