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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post

This is why we can't hardly believe a single fucking thing that is posted on the internet or displayed in the media. Nobody knows what really happened but the cop and the kid. Maybe the person in the car. You can't even logically form an opinion about this video. There is no telling what really happened. You can speculate different scenarios, but that's it. It's just hypothesizing.
There isn't enough there to be the only evidence presented in a court case. Because a court case deals with judging a situation based upon the facts or at least a preponderance of evidence.

For the sake of discussion, it could be a fictional account in it's entirety that we use as an example to explore our sense of right and wrong, and to discuss the relationships between the citizen, the government, and the enforcers of the law.

As it is, on it's own, it might be useful in showing that this cop lives up to his bad reputation. Apparently that was why the kid video taped this in the first place. Dumb-ass cop fell right into it.

[BTW: I am not against cops in general. I just don't want people to undergo abuse at the hands of authority. I have two ex-Sheriffs in my family. One retired, the other didn't get re-elected. To my knowledge, they did not fall into the bad cop category.]