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Originally Posted by scollins View Post
So what did we see in that first video? ONLY what the guy wanted you to see. This is the big problem with video "evidence." Just because it is video doesn't mean it isn't biased or easily taken out of context, but people want to believe it wholesale.

Maybe the guy was badgering the cop for 15 minutes prior to starting the tape, asking about the raids, trying to get a rise out of the cop. Maybe the cop tells the guy "knock it off, those issues are currently under investigation, and if you keep pestering me about it, I'll arrest for interfering with an on-going investigation." Guy walks off for a few minutes, then comes with his camera to antagonize the cop, and gets his "I was illegally detailed evidence" crap.

Not saying that is what happened, but just keep context in mind when viewing these videos, and that just because it is video doesn't necessarily represent the truth, or what actually happened. Sometimes yes, but when video is taken with a clear objective in mind (getting harassed/arrested) you have to wonder.....

This is why we can't hardly believe a single fucking thing that is posted on the internet or displayed in the media. Nobody knows what really happened but the cop and the kid. Maybe the person in the car. You can't even logically form an opinion about this video. There is no telling what really happened. You can speculate different scenarios, but that's it. It's just hypothesizing.
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