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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
If you carry a US passport today, if it was issued since the RFID chip was required to be embedded in it, then you are already being tracked. Department of Homeland Security says it can be read from 30 feet away. I would guess that it is readable from further than that.

I would leave the passport at home.

From an identity protection point of view, many frequent travellers already use some type of insulator/cover for their passports due to the RFID vulnerability. Both of my US passports have the chip. I don't mind. But, I do get super pissy when I'm "interrogated" upon coming home.

I would never suggest something illegal like destroying federal property (which I think US passports are considered). However... the RFID circuit can be opened by rolling the booklet's cover tightly - like around a pen or something. A friend who is dead told me this.