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Originally Posted by Advevo View Post
The ugly comments about the 1M is a big laugh. People who can drive choose certain cars because they handle well and they are a challenge to drive on the limit. The agile feel and the point and shoot cars are far more important than looks.

I have also a GT3. They look like flat beetles. But boy do they deliver. I prefer a GT3 over a nicer looking lambo anyday. But thats all about driving dynamics.

I don t choose a car to pimp up with big rims with stretched tires, carbon front lips and mirror caps etc and show it at cars and coffee. If that s youre thing fine by me but i rather go max attack on track and enjoy lots of sideways actions.

The car has to do deliver in driving dynamics so i can have maximum fun in driving.

Agreed! I was planning to buy a 1M as my DD but the stealer offered far too little for my 21k mile 335 Xi coupe. The M3 and 1M are just different flavors of M. However I am certain that a 1M would be loads of fun. Faster is not always more fun. The turbo engine does not take away from the brand at all imo.