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Well, I did not include quotes from individuals who said they preferred the looks of the M3 or even said they don't really like the looks of the 1M, because that's reasonable that not everyone is going to like it. But UGLY? Anyone who says that, looses credibility in my book. There are truly ugly cars out there that I reserve that statement for.

To be quite honest I really wasn't crazy about the 1series before the 1M was developed, but the M division did a great job. I have read about a dozen reviews of this car and while all have extremely positive, none have said the 1M is outright better than the M3, but instead some have said they would rather have it as their DD/track. It's just a preference.

Originally Posted by Brucewonder View Post
If money wasn't the issue, anyone saying they would pick a 1M over an M3 is full of it.....
After owning every M3 since the E36, an Mcoupe(Z4) and an M6 money is not really a factor in choosing to buy a 1M. But I guess I am just "full of it" because I went from owning an M3 E90 to 1M....

Originally Posted by TTG View Post
1M is ugly... I don't care how fast it is.....
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.....the 1M is quite ugly....I don't think I could bear looking at it every day......
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1M is quite ugly......
Originally Posted by PKL View Post
Really well put. To me the 1 series, M included, is ugly, period.
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That car is so ugly
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While I like performance, I'm not paying that much money for such an ugly car. ....
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The real M is the M3, period. 1M is a midget BMW on stereoids. 1 series look ugly and unbalanced to begin with. Every time I see a 135 there is a young kid sitting in it with his buddy, they are both sitting like I sit on my couch to watch movies on saturday so you can hardly see their face. The only reason they buy this car is because they cannot afford the 335. Same thing goes for the 1M and the M3. So there is no point of even arguing. 1 series is just ugly M or no M.
The M3 is more sleek and sexier IMO, but the 1M has a bit of a retro, meaner(just look at the flared fenders) look about it that I find irresistible. I think a true car enthusiast can appreciate different cars for different reasons, that is what separates them from the fanbois.

For those that like the 1M, I have added link for a new commercial in the UK for it, enjoy:


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