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As a Knicks fan, I despise both the Bulls and the Heat, but....

...I despise the Heat more than any other team. LeBum fleeing to South Beach was the icing on the cake, as it allowed me to solidify my hate for years to come.

I am more than pleased at the Knicks efforts -- they are building a team to trounce the Heat in coming years, and with a more defensive-minded coach and a consistent guard (after Billups leaves, of course), I feel as if it's going to be tough for the Bulls to compete.

Nonetheless, I am liking the energy out of the Bulls... Apparently Thibs has a blueprint for beating teams like the Heat and Celtics. He is the Bill Bellicheck persona of the NBA, and it's great to see a defensive-minded coach actually having great success.

Looking forward to the rest of this series, no matter who wins!!!