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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Speaking from a neutral perspective (dont own either 1er of M3) I have to disagree. Seeing the way each party treats the other on their respective boards I would say the M3 crowd is way more hostile to the 1M crowd. The 1M crowd is excited because, like you said, it compares favorably to the M3 which is the performance benchmark of the brand. But people on here are getting ridiculous saying how ugly the 1M is, how its an entry level car, not a real M car, etc etc. Seems to me like the 1M crowd is sort of paying respect to the M3 by setting it as the benchmark while some M3 owners have nothing but terrible things to say about it for one reason or another. Its amazing how a new M car (which should be a good thing right?) can make some people so angry
It's the "younger, cuter sister" syndrome, even though I disagree that the 1M is "better". The M3 crowd of course has more ego on the line when some new hotshot comes along that's $12k cheaper and nips at it's heels so closely in terms of performance.