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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
So why not buy a Cayman S/R or a Lotus? Those are far better drivers tools that fit exactly what youre looking for (smaller trunk, 2 drs, 6mt, etc).
Im considering a GT3 RS so the Cayman isnt on my radar, definitely wouldnt want or need both).

Lotus is too bare bones for me (I own a raw car already). I will look into some of the new ones they have going around the show circuit this year, but they dont fit into the 1M niche. I was very surprised with the 135.

I want to have a BMW, so if I replace one of my other cars with a BMW then the 1M would fall out of favor. I was hoping to get a new M5 but im not a fan of the styling.

In the end the 1M is more flexible than the P cars and most importantly for me allows me to add a drastically different high dollar car to my garage later this summer. Im trying to fit pieces together to reach that particular goal.