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Originally Posted by apexi View Post
Can anyone chime in as to how bright/intense these LEDs are compared to the 2011 AE? I currently have the RD leds and they look great at night but barely visible during the day. Love the look of the AEs on the '11 models and wondering if only HIDs or OSS can achieve that level of day light intensity or if these new LUX LEDs can as well?
the LUX H8 V3 will be at least 3x brighter then the RD brand LEDs that you have currently in the car. They are even brighter then the stock bulbs for the car. We have a picture in the 1st post comparing the LUX H8 V3 with the E92 LCI angel eyes.

Originally Posted by gjpinoy View Post
I've decided on getting the LUX H8 v3

Couple of questions if someone can help me out with. Been searching on with one to get for awhile, so I'm all searched out.

so, has anyone who has the LUX H8 v3 for awhile now experience any yellowing inside the headlamp or anywhere else. I've been told to watch out with that.

Want to clarify LUX are 100% LED right?

Also, does anyone know hot they LUX H8 v3 gets?
Yellowing - NO there will not be any yellowing because LED's produce less heat the HID bulb, and there is no UV from them as well.
LUX are 100% LED, which you can see in our pictures
Temp - They do get very hot over time and its recommended not to touch them after they have been running for 20+ minutes. Since they draw very little wattage they will take a while to get hot.