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That last post was simply an excerpt. As DHS implementation of the Real ID is not yet requiring RFID, but is encouraging states to include other security and technology advances, you need to convince your state to not use it. In what way are they encouraging states?

DHS admitted RFID to be readable from 30 feet away. How far do you think it can really be read today?

From what distance would RFID be able to be read in your future?
How can we prevent the RFID from being read?
Where would RFID readers be placed?
Would the RFID in your wallet be readable from a sensor placed at a roadside?
Is it a violation of the law if you destroy the RFID chip with microwaves?
If you walk into a building that doesn't explicitly have a Real ID requirement, but your RFID cannot be read, will they watch your every step from their security cameras?

Are we all suspects?