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Question Gym: Do You Clean Machine After Using It?

i was debating whether to post this or not but i couldn't let it go. ive been going to the same gym for 5+ years and today an older man came up to me and said "i hope you don't get offended, but you really need to clean the machine after your using it".

at first i was baffled and had no words and i just replied ok w/e and continued on.

do you guys wipe your sweat off the machine after use? i see nobody at my gym doing this but a few germaphobes. i mean it does make sense i guess to be clean and wipe for next person but when nobody else does it why must i be obligated to? it is a gym and sweat is on it everday and you shower after so what is the big deal?

ive seen worse when im in the sauna which has a view to the sinks in the bathroom and i see people piss and not wash their hands and go back out and far worse some take a shit and proceed to skip the sink as well
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