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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
if you check out my suit thread there is a ton of info there.

im not sure if you have the store my suit near you? it is a place where you pick your fabrics, stitch color, pockets, etc and the tailor makes a custom suit for you. it def doesn't compare to a high end bespoke tailor but for what your looking for seems to fit the bill.

does it have to be a bespoke? if not zegna, zanella, canali, etc you can shop around for and get minor alterations done to them.

its funny cause i bought my first nice suit and i only used it once for the interview and is now sitting in my closet. dress code is casual so i just wear a nice chino, dress shirt w/ tie, and dress shoes and done. if i knew this, i shoulda got me a cheap tommy suit from macys for $300 compared to $800 at hugo.
nice thanks man, I thought I saw that thread before, but couldn't dig it up again.

I'm very much expecting the suit to sit in a closet for most of its life, but I do enough interviews and other random business formal events that I figure I should probably have one.

Plus my frame is a tall one, most suits don't work quite that well in them.