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Yea, I kinda like the rarity sometimes. But other times I wish there were more because itís obviously something we have in common. I donít have much done to mine yet. I just got the car 5/5 so itís only got 390 miles on itÖ but Iím in the process of installing a 9500ci. I bought a set of new interior LED lights for the whole car and an AFE drop-in filter but they havenít shipped yet.

Iím going to buy some stuff from IND when I decide on what type of grill to getÖ Iím stuck on gloss black or BMW edition chrome black. But besides that, I think Iím going to go with gloss black side markers with tint and body colored reflectors.

Iíve put a deposit down on some items from musicarnw for some upgraded bass with my EP. (Probably get here in 4-5 weeks.)

Iím also talking with Mike Benvo for some subtle changes with the CIC system for things like DVD-in-Motion and allowing automatic window operation with door interruption.

As for an exhaust, I canít even begin to say what I want. I think I like the titanium version of the Meisterscraft GT2, but after having a really loud RX-7, I think that will be overkill and too raspy. Another one Iím looking into is the Eisenmann race. I just have to figure out what I want to do between the header and the rear section. AnywaysÖ

The car is totally stock besides new LED H8 bulbs and the 9500ciÖ haha