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Rant: 3 days!

3 freaking days it took me to figure out that i needed a new Transmission Position Switch for my car.

Back story.
A while ago a "Trans FailSafe Prog" came on my car. Took it to local BMW dealer and they told me i need to replace 2 solenoids in my trany. So i had my friend that works for another dealer (Audi) replace them for me.
It worked for about a month, then the issue came back. I got it rescanned at BMW dealer again and they tell me i need new valve body. And they want up to $3,000 to fix it.

This past Monday, my friend replaced a valve body and all new solenoids ($600 for parts and labor). Car runs better but its still stuck in "Trans FailSafe Prog".

2 days go by and im tearing my hair out trying to figure out what the issue is, because i keep getting same fucking code as i did on day one. Lat night, i went through entire electrical system with Volt Meter, testing all fuses and anything i can get my hands on, still nothing. This morning i went back to my friend and had him check all the connections on the transmission and clean everything up. Still nothing.

Ive been googling and trying to find if anyone had same issue in the past and came up with nothing.

So tonight, i went to the beer store, pissed, thinking i might have to get a new transmission. And by fucking pure luck, i noticed that my right side mirror doesn't tilt down when i put the car in Revers. So i hit the parking brake, walked to the back of the car and to my surprise the reverse lights arent working. Thats when the light bulb came ON on in my head.

The good thing; in the last 500 miles or so, i had transmission fluid changed out 3 times and filter changed twice. So far i spent about $800 for parts and labor, i just need one more part and i'll have a like new transmission. And i can do it my self in less then an hour.

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