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ok, finally in!...took 30 min's are the keys... trying to keep track of where the tabs is pointing isnt helpful imho as when your hands are down there you cant see the back of bulb(heat sink)...its all problem yesterday was I was trying to twist with the tips of my fingers with no leverage...this wont work...I had to shove most of my hand into the hole/work area(with some pain) and feel the inferior side of the back of bulb...then you can tell you are flush...then keep rotating in the opposite way you took out H8 bulb until it finally can tell cause all of a sudden you can feel resistence and the bulb gets tighter...there is a crack of daylight in which you can see the bulb from the front, make sure the bulb is straight.

BTW, Geneatal had great advice yesterday when he said to grab the bulb at the mid point with fingertips and back it in, all the way to bottom of the pit and try to work the tip into the hole/slot...this method worked way better than what I was doing yesterday.

For me the key was to shove my entire hand in there and really grab the back of bulb and feel what you are doing...even getting underneath the back of bulb...this is my story and I am sticking to it......once again, key is to get your hand in there even if you tear a few ligaments haha.

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