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DIY Fender Grills/Gills

ok i just did them...sorry no pics of me actually doing it. took minutes...maybe 5 total...i went with a different approach than what people have shown in here, not that there way is bad, i just figured if i was gonna do damage i'd rather it be hidden underneath the grill versus on the side of it. i used a plastic panel popper. i used these all the time during my car audio days, never did any damage to any dashes or panels. you can buy at any auto store or harbor freight even. you'd have to be a dumb### to scratch or dent the fender by going this route.


1. mask off around the grill, go ahead and even tuck the tape under the grill and above the grill in the gap bmw leaves. we are not going from the back side to pop this piece out. we are going from underneath the grill.

2. take your plastic panel popper (no tape needed, tape it off if you want)

3. look at your new grill, find the clips.

4. wearing latex gloves now go to your grill thats still on your fender BUT approach it from the bottom. put the panel popper where the clips are. the bottom clips just need to be touched or popped with the panel popper. once you start hitting the clips they are going to want to pop out. use one hand on the panel popper and the other hand on the grill itself. your going to want to gently wiggle the grill while your other hand is using the panel popper to release the clips. it does take a lil effort. don't be too sensitive. not like hard prying or yanking but some effort, like youre popping a door panel. ( i left no marks going this route ).

5. once they are out you just have to release the light harness clip. a lil flathead will do the trick. nothing major.

6. now to install the new grills

7. this should be common sense since you just pulled out the factory ones. (before installing all the way if you bought complete new housings i'd test them to make sure the blinkers work.) make sure to line up the clips before just shoving it in. once they are all lined up slowly push it in and you'll here the nice click sound.

8. finis now go take some pics of your new mod.