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Originally Posted by askjeeves View Post
thanks for all the input. i ended up getting the 13" macbook pro. it didn't seem worth it to get the mba for similar cost but lesser specs since the computer won't travel often.

i dont think my mom will be taking it to starbucks ever. (but fdfranklin i get what you're saying)
Couple suggestions from a fellow mom tech support person.

Setup the Macbook with two user accounts. Make the first an admin account that you will use to install updates and change system settings etc. Then make a second account without admin rights that your mom will use.

Also, setup mom's account with parental controls (it is in the System Prefs) and UNcheck "Allow User to Modify the Dock. This way she can't accidentally drag things off the dock. Prior to me doing this mom would call all the time telling me "my mail is gone" when all she had done was dragged it off the dock. Click around in parental controls... there some other setting there you may find useful.