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Originally Posted by Ksquared View Post
This is the way I see it, from the top of the roster down:

1. D Rose and LeBron are equal in talent and are the leaders of their teams.
2. Wade has a big advantage over Boozer.
3. I like Noah's more complete game over Bosh. Joel Anthony will give the Heat some fouls.
4. Heat has no one to match up with Deng. Haslem? Miller? You're not serioius!
5. Bibby is a non-entity; Bogans is light on offense but plays shut-down defense. (Will be interesting to see what he can do with Wade). Bogans will hit the occasional 3.

Bench: Goes to the Bulls - who get solid contributions from Gibson, Asik (especially on interior defense) and Korber. Watson can spell D Rose for short periods. Miami's bench is pretty pitiful.

Coach: No contest. Bulls

If the bulls get solid defense (like they played on Thursday night), then their 9 deep rotation should stifle the Heat.

I like the Bulls in an excellent series.

(Chicago expatriate living in South Florida)
Why would you compare Rose and James in match ups? Neither will be guarding each other. It will be Wade or Chalmers on Rose. Remember the shut down defense Wade played against Kobe the 2 regular seasons game they played? Wade vs Rose should equal each other out.

Wade vs Boozer?! It is Boozer vs Bosh...Bosh should get the edge in this matchup. Boozer havent been playing extremely well in the post season. No where near his season averages. Edge goes to Bosh.

Noah vs Joel Anthony or Big Z. Edge goes to Noah. Nothing to argue about that.

Deng vs Lebron. Lebron gets the edge. Pretty much self explanatory. Edge goes go Lebron.

Bench: Equal. Miami have solid contributor also. Joel Anthony's defense, James Jone big 3s, Juan Howard, Mike Miller, Eddie House, Mario Chalmers.

The bulls have edge for coach.