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Originally Posted by Frank J View Post
The M3 GTS wasn't close to the GT3. I am not impressed with it, the driver in the M3 was trying so hard to keep up with the GT3 which was not being driven to the best of its capabilities. The M3 GTS is priced closer to a GT3 RS but the RS would embarrass the M3 GTS so badly there is no point in putting them together. Fail for BMW.
You said everything I was going to say. With the high price tag, the gt3 rs 3.8 doesn't look like a bad bargain in terms of what you get when compared to the m3 gts. lol. And according to 'ring times, the m3 gts gets similar times as a 997 carrera 2s. So, even a base gt3 was just overkill. ouch

Still interesting though and a great video.