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Originally Posted by Bimmerista
NOT in the new generation - which is the one I think our initial poster is talking about. They stopped making the twin turbo 2.7T because it makes less power than the normal six does and is a gas guzzler.
You are right the one I drove was an 06. Yes it was european spec and the thing really moved when you put the hammer down. I agree this can is better suited for the autobaun. It felt like I was driving my old expedition when I was trying to park it. It's probably something you get use to the more you drive it. By the way the car was a diseil (not sure if I spelled it right). I turned the radio down just to hear the turbo spool up when I hit the gas. I like the 5-series but, I would probaly buy the A6 for my wife. It just seems like it has more room than the 5 IMHO. I have also drove the 5 both diesel and gas versions.

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