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This continues the debates that have occerred for at least the last 2 centuries in America. But hks does have a point for DISCUSSION: Do we Americans follow our own rules? Should we lower our standards of the basic tenents of our constitution, namely that all men are created equal?

Those of us sitting on our asses at home, not on the battle fields ( THANK YOU all for your dedication and sacrifice, to the point of giving your life!!! ) wonder at times whether we are degrading your sacrifice by having you stoop to the level of killing without a trial.

Sure, we all know BL is guilty (of something against American citizens, and the world at large) but we gave McVeigh a trial, we gave Kaczynski a trial. When you talk rule of law in a civilizd society, the quantity of evil you perpetrate does not reduce the quantity of trial you deserve.

I truly wish more of our deployed heros were home, protecting us from direct invasion from other countries, but that's a story for another thread . . .