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We have 3 cats and 1 dog.. The cats are fucknuts which is why I like them. They're assholes, they're bitchy, they don't listen, but they are lovey dovey, cute, and playful.

This is head hauncho kitty, he sleeps on his back and i've come out in the morning and saw him just laying upside down, just as I start getting huffy puffy sad he moves..

Lucy likes to lay on my arms when i'm playing games, when I had a CRT she would lay on that and watch me..

This is Amelia, she's kinda anti social crazy.. and eats plants.

This is our dog Bella.. she's also a freak.

This is my yellow lab Cody, got him when I was about 10, had to put him to sleep [cancer] about 4 years ago. (The weird looking wookie in the back is Louie)

andddd this is Peekaboo, complete attention whore if you moved a finger she was demanding that you pet her. Not sure why she's with a bunch of lotto tickets, but she is no longer with us.

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