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Originally Posted by geneatals View Post
no need to get all pissy, sorry you are so frustrated...yes I was able to back the bulbs in and no, I'm do not have the hands of a child...I held the lux's by the bulbs (between my index and middle finger) not the heat sink when backing them in, then used the same fingers to grab the base of the heat sink to push in and maneuver the bulbs into place....and yes it did take 10 minutes the second time around...first time was about 15 maybe it's because I've installed a few regualr H8 bulbs in before, trying different brands prior to the lux. Sounds like you are having some trouble lining up the tabs. Whatever the case, seems the majority of us have gotten them in without too much aggravation. The fact that you call BS on people's install times bewilders me a bit tho. Not sure why anyone would do that or even want to.

GL with your install...hoping future mods are much less time consuming for you...

You do know what smiley faces are correct?.......I am well aware that many have installed them without incident, hence my frustration.

Also, I just read how you applied pressure twisting(ie-using flathead screwdriver), now that might work...I take back everything I said about ya...