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I still call BS on anyone saying they did this in 10 would have to go completely flawless and no delays to do this in 10 minutes...and anyone who tells me they back in the bulb with their hands and then push into socket either is lying or they have the smallest hands on the planet!....

You cannot back that bulb with your would have to have extremely long fingers(hence no hand in the hole) or very small hands(hands in the hole) order for me to get the bulb into the socket I had to let it fall freely, then use a tool to tilt up at awkward angle and slowly work the tip and then grab the length of unit(not heat sinks) with fingertips to work it in...then the frustration of not being able to twist it in cause I had no grip or leverage whatsoever.

I am thinking of dremeling the tabs down abit by shaving it down abit and applying vaseline on the tabs too...I did notice one of the three tabs was abit smaller than the other two...wonder if that tab goes on top/superior.

Anyone who thinks they are going to grab the end of LED light and simply just push it into the socket is going to be in for a real treat haha....