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Why not to buy Race Ready Performance Valves for your cutouts

Dont buy the Race ready cutouts - they are made poorly and the company support is abysmal. Sorry thats a bit blunt, let me elaborate:

After RMA'ing mine twice, the vendor no longer wants to honor their lifetime warranty and blames me for using them in salt . Well I live in NY, and we have real winters. What am I supposed to do, take them off for the season?! He said I should have read the fine print in the warranty. I said if your valves are not designed for cold climates (that is, the northern third of the USA), you should be telling people that clearly, not hide this key tidbit of info down where no one will read it. I dont see it clearly mentioned here..

Then they tried to say my mod with the remote (see the link in my signature below) was instant grounds for not honoring the warranty because I modified the electronics (uhm, hello!! I only physically touched the WIRELESS remote, NOT the other electronics. A wireless remote like that is either going to work, or not. There is no way that caused the failures - its basic electronics!. Oh, and btw the electronics are not even covered under the warranty (the valves are) so how can you void a warranty on something that has none to start with?!?

Then, grabbing at straws, he said there was a small nick on the motor's plastic cover so it must be hitting something, and that bent the actuator rod.. A probable hypothesis, right? In the spirit of fairness, I'll check to verify that claim, but I cleaned them before I sent them back and I would have noticed that. My valves are also inches away from anything, so I really doubt this is the case. I also took a peek under my car today and didnt see any wear marks near either valve. In any regard, this doesn't explain why BOTH valves failed.

They claim that they could count on their hands the # of failed units after selling tens of thousands of valves and said surely I must be doing something wrong. Ok. Interesting tidbit there because three others have messaged me on this very forum and said they successfully went with other brands (like JEGS) after their RRP valves failed a second time. So can I assume that on all of the Internets, I'm lucky enough to run into 33% of the people that have failed RRP cutouts?! Actually, you can see references to 4 people in this thread alone who have RMA'ed RRP valves: Oh, and, fwiw, my rma # was over 9200. Assuming they started at 0, thats a lot of returned valves

Do we see a trend here?

Long, LONG story short, after two years, an incredible amount of headache, effort, and three sets of valve installs/removals/shipping, they are NO LONGER honoring their warranty. Even if they did, the refurbished and messy valves they replace your shiny new ones with will fail after a bit of cold weather, or time.

Oh and to top it off, it would have been nice for them to have the courtesy/ foresight to let me know they weren't going to honor their warranty before I paid to have them RMA'ed last week. His only option was for me to spend $80 for new motors - take it or leave it.

So, I say, ok then. Send them back and Ill share my Race Ready Valve experience on the internet. So here, I am. Companies need to know this is not how you treat customers, and if you make a product, even a shitty one, you should stand behind it. This is ESPECIALLY true if you have a warranty that is designed to be a differentiating factor for someone to buy your product (as it was with me when I was weighing theirs against the QTP and the other vendors). And it's even more true for people like me that likely created dozens of sales for him over the last two years because of my exhaust mod postings and word of mouth recommendations.

"Race Ready"?? More like "Race Not Ready".

I guess I'll be ponying up the cash now for a new set.. probably the JEGS route since JML has had luck there. Here are some others..
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DON'T BUY Race Ready Performance electronic cutout valves. Here's why:

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