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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Anyone saying they installed these in 10 minutes is a farkin liar!...

It will take 10 minutes just to figure how to work the bulb into the housing...I have small hands and I couldnt get my hands in there to have any leverage to turn the back of cannot just push bulb down by holding it and put it into the housing.

And marking with sharpie doesnt work now as the heat sinks are black...and if you mark it with anything else when you grab and twist ink/paint(or whatever you used) rubs off so you are essentially doing it blindly just as if you didnt mark it to begin with.

can anyone tell Im abit frustrated?......this is much more difficult than installing an entire HID kit which I have done many times, as there are severe access issues here.

This kit would be better if the heat sink wasnt completely round, the H8 bulb has a part angled out 90 degrees so its obvious which way its supposed to line up....the heatsink needs a handle part so you "know" which part should line up where when you insert and twist....this last part Im being totally seriously about.

Anyone want to see a pic of my frikkin halogen oem angel eyes?, they are really frikking impressive looking!...
Pics would be awesome