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Originally Posted by 335iMIAMI View Post
See you in the conference finals homie , I promise the games won't be like the regular season.
yup, tell it like it is brother

Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
Nope fan of neither....I am a Bulls fan my entire life...I just say don't underestimate or count out the Bulls or any other team for that matter....NOBODY thought the Lakers would get swept...period...but they did. NOBODY thought the Bulls would have the best record in the league...but they do....this aint college football where they create their own schedule and only play scrub everybody plays everybody.....the Bulls beat the Heat and the Mavs during regular season play multiple times, so it isn't so far fetched that it could/would happen again

so what, the celtics beat the heat as well in the regular season, and look what happened to them.