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When I took a business class online, i was really involved and did plenty of research... mainly cause I enjoyed the topic and wanted to learn

when I took a Business Ethics class... at the beginning I read everything, did my work, was interested... then the actual 'ethics' part started to come into play and I got bored and didn't care anymore...I may my gf at the time do my research paper for me and take the final for me.
Since it was an online class, the teacher couldn't tell.

I took an accounting class online...and it was one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken. Not that accounting is that difficult.. but not having someone explain it to you made it difficult.
Thus, my friends and I took our online tests etc together
Cheating yes...but no way to prove it.

Online classes are what you make out of them... I learn more from a class setting cause you're forced to go