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Originally Posted by NBRider88 View Post
I have taken courses online as well as many of my close friends. It's all what you make it. If you able to learn on your own (mostly), on your own time, while still meeting the class deadlines, then yes it works out great. You have to be disciplined and motivated to do online courses or you will procrastinate and fail.
So, the grade results of taking online classes may give indication of not only their understanding of the subject matter, but also indicate the students ability to be a self-motivator and to work without direct supervision?

By requiring a couple online classes a year, might a desirable trait be developed in a high school student who would otherwise struggle when faced with online classes that are required by an employer? Or for continuing education credits in their profession?

One of the things that irritated me about school when I was a student, and irritates me today with my kid as a student, is that they don't teach how to learn. The only teach a subject. Of course they need to teach subjects. But why not teach how to study. How to research. How to work in the real world?